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What Did YOU Do Last Weekend???

Sea Cadets and League Cadets meet in Key West for drill one Saturday per month, plus additional times throughout the month. There are occasions--such as sailing training, marksmanship, aviation--when we meet in other spots around the beautiful Florida Keys.

After three months of attendance, passing a PT test, and completing all required academics, cadets are allowed to participate in one or more of our core specialties: Sailing (after school and summer sessions); Martial Arts/Boxing at the Police Athletic League; SCUBA certification through PADI; and, Aviation training through Florida Keys Flight Academy.

During their first summer, Sea Cadets (ages 13-18) attend a two-week Recruit Training, after which they may attend any training for which they meet the requirements during the spring, winter, and summer. League Cadets (ages 10-12) attend a one-week orientation to the Navy during their first year, and are then likewise eligible for advanced training. 


Unit Training

Cadets train locally in firefighting, sailing, SCUBA, water survival, marksmanship, drill & ceremony, and aviation.


Summer Training

After attending "boot camp" during their first year, cadets travel the world to experiences and opportunities. Everything from advanced music training with the Navy Band to SEAL training at very little cost.



Cadets wear modified Navy uniforms with identifying marks, but make no mistake--these are the same uniforms our active duty Sailors wear every day.

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