Summer Training 2021

Open Water Diver (NSCC Only)



***Training is contingent upon the Navy re-opening lodging to non-official groups*** Scheduled dates are 01-06 AUG 2021. DO NOT BUY TICKETS UNTIL APPROVED.

Come to sunny Key West and learn how to Dive! (Yes, those are actually our Florida Keys Sea Cadets learning how to dive during one of our weekend drills.)  Work hard, play hard!

You must complete, at your own cost, the online PADI course for open water diver and purchase DAN insurance prior to attending, and of course, have a current physical and be cleared for diving. 

Also, we will be doing a lot of morning or evening runs (depending on dive schedule) so you'll need to be able to comfortably run at least a 5k while holding a conversation. What better way to see Key West!

PROSPECTIVE ADULT LEADERS: A unique feature of my trainings is that ALL adults, COTC included, must do ALL PT, including really long runs, with the cadets EVERY DAY. We inspire when we perspire.

  • You'll fly in on a Sunday and we'll pick you up at the airport, no problems. 

  • Sunday is getting situated, getting your bicycle issued, and some ocean swimming time down at the Trumbo community dock where we'll make sure everyone can swim & tread water while keeping off the August heat

  • Monday/Tuesday will be morning runs & confined water (pool) diving, reviews of material, a couple of tours of the Navy bases (NAS Key West is one base with several annexes)

  • Wednesday/Thursday will see us ocean diving, doing some PT with the Army Special Forces Dive School (be READY!) and a tour of the fighter squadron at the Naval Air Station Boca Chica. You'll also get some liberty downtown.

  • Friday is graduation and RTHP (Return to Home Port). I'd love for you to stay, but my boss will want me back.

  • Dive Instructors, Shawn & Charlie, are super chill and fun to hang out with. We'll be diving with Lost Reef Adventures on a super nice boat in gorgeous, warm water.

  • Uniforms: We will be wearing shorts & rash guards most of the time, but dress whites for graduation. Bring good running shoes and good slippahs. I'm really relaxed, but...

  • A word of caution: DON'T BE SPECIAL. This training is only for highly motivated, mature cadets. First problem, first flight home, at your expense. Immediately. You're warned.